Attention Fellow Bloggers!

Please help me to welcome a new kid on the block! My dear friend has decided to join us. She has created the GetUp4Him blog site and already has two new posts!

Here’s an example of her writing, it’s so beautiful:

“It is very early in the morning. Though my body begs me to go back to sleep, my soul stirs to get up and talk with Jesus. And though I can’t physically see Him, I know He is present. I read to start my day. The more I do this, the less I hear the ongoing naggings of this world. A beautiful melody of God’s truth rises up, and my worries fade in their light. Psalm 81:10, God instructs me, “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” He will give me what to say both in the happy and in the aggravating moments.”


Here’s the link to her site if you want to stop by for a visit and check out her posts. Thank you all in advance for making her feel welcomed!


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