The truth of the matter is, regardless if we are pressing hard against the second coming or not, we are in the midst of a spiritual war where if not already then very soon, we, our loved ones, and those around us will be involved in an onslaught of attacks by the enemy on a daily basis, and we will be made to care.  Better awake, sober, and ready than asleep and unaware.

Terrifying Beauty


Have you ever seen images of novas, or of night eruptions from a volcano? There is a terrifying beauty that is often visible in things being crushed or destroyed. A disturbing thought is that we would never experience the beauty without the tragedy surrounding it. The crushing pressure that takes away all that they are is what transforms them into the thing of beauty we see.

Can God be Trusted?

Compromise will be a very easy step and a very dangerous, slippery slope. As the reality of this persecution sets in and we begin to realize what this means to us and to our families, Satan will do everything in his power to hit us square between the eyes with fear, blinding us to any spiritual reality of our good, good Father and His promises towards us for care and provision.

In Lock Step

As I began thinking of the gifts God has given me and even getting discouraged in times past when I had been in an environment where they were suppressed and frustrated, I came across a passage in a book written by John Bevere reminding me that gifts are bestowed, but fruit is cultivated – and that we are going to be judged by our fruit (see Matthew 7:15-20) , not our giftings. 

The Decision

The question I've been pondering lately is, can a whole society be hypnotized and driven? Can we all be lulled into a sleep, waking up when certain visuals flash in front of us or certain trigger words are heard, and driven to walk around like a bunch of chickens, so to speak? If yes, what are the visuals and power words, and what are we then often driven to do, and by whom?