Theo’s Story


Sin always lays heavier on the heart, body, and soul than does physical disease.


Is Homosexuality a Sin?


I saw an advertisement recently for a local church that read “Gay Friendly”. All churches centered on Christ should have an open door policy to anyone who may care to enter, no matter what their choices or circumstances in life may be. The litmus test is not that God’s people love you when you come as you are, it is that they love you enough to help you fulfill your purpose, destiny, who you are created and called to be!

Being the Face of Jesus

What if the Good Samaritan had stopped only long enough to hand the wounded man a bible tract, told him "Jesus loves you man", and then walked away? A true pleasure in serving God comes from knowing a person well enough to delight in the small steps they take in their relationship with Jesus, and understanding that its okay when life's waters get a little "muddy" sometimes.