Revelation Reveille: Preface and Introduction

Another of those previously hidden things is end time revelation knowledge. For example, we see in the book of Daniel, chapter 12 verse 9, that the angel speaking with Daniel tells him to go his way, for the words given in the prophecy are “concealed and sealed up until the end of time”. For the Christian, we know we have been living in the end times for the last 2,000+ years, but it is interesting to note that the angel told Daniel “until the time of the end”, not “until the end times”.

Revelation Reveille: Chapter 1, part 1

In spite of this, however, a third survey discussed in this film revealed that out of 450 sermons taken from pastors in various places, only 2% of them were preached from a passage of scripture considered prophetic. Thoughts expressed included the idea that prophecy was too complicated, too controversial, and to be blunt, did not fill their pews. And yet prophecy related scripture verses culminate an estimated 73% of the bible.

Revelation Reveille: Chapter 1, part 2

Some may believe that the only thing necessary to be on the alert is to keep our eyes on Jesus. They’re right! Oswald Chambers likens this as the process of becoming wholly sanctified (see 1 Thessalonians 5:23), noting that “sanctification means intense concentration on God’s point of view.” This comes through a personal relationship with Him, a desire to know Him, established through prayer and studying God’s word.

Revelation Reveille: Chapter 2, part 1

...imagine is walking up to a woman who was midway through her third trimester of pregnancy, laying your hands on her belly and yelling “PUSH… PUSH!!”? She may likely look at you as though you had lost your mind, possibly thinking to herself “uh… thanks for the encouragement but the baby hasn’t turned yet, my water hasn’t broken yet, I’m not dilated yet…”. She knows there are certain things that must happen before she is ready to physically engage in pushing that baby out.

Revelation Reveille: Chapter 2, part 2

I wondered if the fact that Revelation was given to show His Bond-servants the things which must soon take place applied to the whole book or to the first three chapters only. If only the first three chapters, why would it be important then for John to write the rest of it at all, since there would be no need? Wouldn’t anyone who would care about it no longer be here?

Revelation Reveille: Chapter 2, part 3

Satan wants us to believe the governing authority established by God has been removed, but Verse 7 makes it clear there is only ONE who can remove it. Understanding that the “what” and the “who” in this passage are complimentary and by design helps us to be reminded that it is God Himself who established these authorities, and it will only be by His sovereignty, in His time, and by His choice to step out of the way, that these authorities can be removed.

Revelation Reveille: Chapter 3

Things are escalating rapidly on a global level. It is not too soon to begin teaching and preparing. The historic pre-millennial view with a victorious Church gives us confidence and urgency to participate with the Lord in His leadership during this crucial time. I believe the Lord has chosen us, now, for this time in history, and we have an opportunity set before us to play our role, to fulfill our purpose!