HOW: Foundations Week Five – Songs, Sermons, Books

From that moment, mom took that to heart and believed that her cancer was an assignment from the Lord, and as a result, she would be placed in the path of people she may never have otherwise met. Cancer or not, she was prepared to make a difference, an impact, and it would not be the first time.

HOW:Foundations Week Three – Your Heart, continued

It is only within this secret place of daily yielding and the discipline of seeking Him continually that we find our lives being transformed by the Holy Spirit into the image of Christ and become better equipped and able to face anything that comes in the day ahead. In the secret place we cultivate the oil of intimacy and our minds are renewed, our spirits washed, our maturity takes root, and our fervency grows.

HOW: Foundations Week Two – Your Heart

To diligently seek Him means setting aside our own ideas of who we think He might be or want Him to be, and embracing the truth of who He IS. He is God regardless, even when it means He offends our minds, allows our plans to fail, seemingly doesn’t appear to answer our prayers, or sometimes appears to be the cause of our broken hearts.

HOW: Foundations Week One – Introduction

“There must come a time in the lives of mature believers when we are awakened to holy fervency. When we cry, “God, I’m tired of serving you from a distance. I don’t care what it’s going to cost me. I want to be wholly yours in the deepest part of my being.” -Mike Bickle, Passion for Jesus Week One: HOW Foundational Study