Father of Lights

Yesterday we had to make an emergency trip to the veterinary clinic. My kitty, Bubu, who you all may know from my blog ID photo, had a very nasty abscess that needed to be taken care of. The minor surgery performed was very painful for him, and we could hear his yeowls and cries from the waiting room...

But Why?

As children we sometimes find the "adult" ways of Yahweh difficult to understand. I can picture a little girl with a scrunched up nose and puzzled facial expression asking her daddy "but why"? We want to know why our big God can't just do it all for us. Why must we do it for ourselves … Continue reading But Why?

Praying for the Crop to Fail

Esther wanted Mordecai to put on a happy face and forget about all this noise of imminent danger towards her people. Besides, approaching the King on the matter would truly be putting her own life at risk, and so why should she rock the boat? She could face death by her choice to approach to the King or she would face death by her choice to do and say nothing.