A Little About Alabastersky

Why “Alabastersky”?

I first chose this as my moniker in 1999. Alabaster is to me a symbol of being broken and spilled out. One sees this in the woman who broke an alabaster vile full of pure nard (costly fragrance) and used it to anoint the feet of Jesus at one time (Luke 7:37) and the head of Jesus at another (Matthew 26:7 and Mark 14:3). It could have been two separate women or perhaps the same one, who knows. Some even say it was Mary Magdalene.

So the idea behind it, for me, is that symbolically my life has been broken and spilled out as well; poured out at Jesus’ feet. A symbol of lavish love and passion for my Savior. As for the “sky” part, that just comes out of poetic license . I have a box made of alabaster, and to me, the color and pattern look like one of the many beautiful Colorado sunrises or sunsets.

All of us experience brokenness at one time or another. Our attitude towards it and what we choose to do with what spills out is up to us. Make it count.

However you may know Him, I pray you are blessed by the reading.  To be notified of new blogs as I post them, click the “Follow Alabastersky” button.

Lisa (aka: Alabastersky)