Not long ago my husband and I wanted to change out the heads in our lawn’s sprinkler system as well as get the system going again for the season.  It was the busy season for lawn and sprinkler services, so we put in a call hoping to ensure we got something scheduled.  When voicemail noted the mailbox was “full”, we determined to try again… and again…

Let me give you some idea of the wild thoughts that ran through my head!  I had been looking at headlines where it seemed like some new celebrity had died almost every day, sometimes more than one in a day.  What used to come in “threes” is now coming by the dozen.  Although the deaths have a variety of causes, age no longer matters.  This is something we have witnessed increasingly over the past year, and it isn’t limited to celebrities.  It includes airline pilots, athletes, and a whole variety of others. I began thinking to myself that the headlines were just a fraction of what all must be happening, and as more and more begins to be revealed about the dangers of the vaccine and boosters, I have my suspicions of the underlying cause of most.

When I continued to try and reach the lawn services folks but couldn’t, my thoughts began to wonder if all those involved with this “mom & pop” service were okay. Did something happen to one or more of them? Oh my! Another flash ran through my head of the previous Christmas season when we were hit with some pretty cold temperatures. Our trash wasn’t picked up on the scheduled day, nor on the next day. After many neighbors cans continuing to sit full on the curbs in the days that followed, our trash wasn’t picked up on the scheduled day the following week either! The wind during this time that blew all the open trash around the neighborhood was quite disgusting, let alone to talk about the animals that began digging for delectables.

Just in case you are in suspense, the trash was finally picked up (something having to do with frozen engine blocks), and the lawn service folks finally called four days later after having seen my text messages (it was just a busy season for them). Even still, I could not help but dwell on how fragile our society really is, and how fast it could all unravel.

Think of all the comforts we have grown accustomed to having – our trash being picked up on a regular basis, our lawns being groomed in many ways. Some of us engage cleaning services. Our schools open with no lack of teachers or funding. We expect when we go to the grocery store to see stocked shelves and a variety of choices at our fingertips. Trains, airline flights, shipping & delivery services running on time. Banks open and accurately reflecting our account transactions. Pharmacies having the prescriptions on hand that we need, and so on.

In fact we have become so accustomed to taking it all for granted that whenever one or more processes breaks down, we can somehow feel an entitlement has been taken from us.  We get upset.  Are we in fact entitled to expect any or all of these things?

And yet we’ve seen so many examples of breakdowns in almost all of these areas over the last few years that we’re slowly getting used to the idea that these things happen, and, oh well – what can we do? Don’t even get me started! The breakdown of society is heartbreakingly hard to endure personally or even to watch from a distance. Does anyone remember when it happened in Venezuela? 

Just like Venezuela, here too there are so-called “elites” in our society who are taking advantage of and arguably even energizing one crisis after another. Why? Because they desire the breakdown. It is the only way that they can establish the kind of true “reset” they hope to achieve, to usher in the one-world government they long for. In case you have not yet noticed, one of their main philosophies is that the ends always justify the means, and the “good of the masses” mask they wear hides the fact that the individual no longer matters.

This is Psalms 2 being played out before our very eyes, where the nations rage and plot vain things in hopes of breaking the God-centered bonds that have held the nations together for so long, casting aside all traditional cultural morality for the sake of gaining ultimate power.  What they don’t realize is that the bonds they seek to break are not actually bonds but roots. It’s like a man who sits on the branch he’s sawing off a tree.  They are hoping you and I will stay clueless long enough to remain at the center of it all, to be manipulated and used as pawns in their game. 

“But God”…  I love that phrase because I always look to see what follows it.  But God has given all who abide in Him a refuge, a place of safety in the midst of the chaos and unraveling.  Though nations may fall, His Kingdom will endure forever.

Have questions about God? Ask me! I would love to help answer them for you if I can. EVEN BETTER, He loves to answer questions about Himself, too. Are you desiring to worship God in spirit and in truth? Open the bible and read for yourself who He really is. He can’t wait to be discovered by you!


4 thoughts on “Unraveling

  1. I had a lot of feels with this read. The annoyance of not having our families “go to’s” in the store – not being able to see my folks because of the “fear” of sickness – the 2024 elections coming up – I could go on… but through it all, I have grown in kindness and patience – thankfulness for the things that are provided – and pressed in to the Lord more than I ever have. This made me think of something to write up. It makes me think of the best worst things.

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  2. This was an interesting post! It made me think about how fragile our society really is and how easy it could all fall apart. I agree that we have become so accustomed to taking things for granted that whenever something breaks down, we can feel entitled. My question is, how do we as individuals or as a society guard against this entitlement and prepare for potential breakdowns? Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic!

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