AI Has No Breath

Imagine you are standing on a beach that overlooks the ocean. In your hands you have a thimble. With it you bend down and scoop in water from an incoming wave. Gleefully you hold it up, point towards it and exclaim “I have the ocean”!

If we were to think about the ocean as representing God (who He is in all of His splendor, all there is of Him to know and to love), and the thimble as our capacity to comprehend Him, we begin to get a tiny glimpse of how deep, how wide, and how great He is and of His love for us. And, focusing on the thimble, when we think we have our fill of Christ He invites us once again to turn our eyes upon the ocean of all that He is, and says child, there’s plenty more where that came from. Let me expand your thimble!

God is just waiting for us to scoop Him up!  He purposefully created us with free will – the ability to choose Him, or not!  None of us are forced to love, but the irony is that when we do make that choice, even the eternal capacity to love beyond our measure is a gift we have the freedom to choose.  Our ability to have insight with understanding, wisdom, knowledge, and to hold absolute truth, is also a gift we can scoop up freely in the ocean that is Him.  If we so choose.

There is a lot going around about AI and Chat GTP these days.  Consider with me for a moment that AI and Chat GTP have a creator in much the same way we do – only our God (as our fellow blogger CA Post so aptly stated recently) is UNCREATED.  No one created Him.  We cannot fully conceive this because our physical body is finite, while He is infinite.  We have limitations, He does not. 

The creators of AI and Chat GTP in their finiteness, believe they have created something infinite, something sentient (that has feeling), which has sparked great debate on to what degree this is possible.  The truth of the matter is, AI has no breath!  The Uncreated One has not breathed into AI and granted it with the ability to become human flesh. Although AI may have a limited ability to “reason” and “think”, it is ONLY within its created boundaries, and therefore has no God-given capacity to truly feel and breathe and sense the way a man does.  It is predestined to follow the parameters it was given and does not have the capacity to choose outside of those parameters.

What this means is if it is being programmed by elites who have no desire to choose God and therefore do not have the gift to love beyond their finiteness, then hatred and evil will define its parameters.  Words like “irradicate”, “exterminate”, or even “violence” will carry no feeling within AI at all.

AI has no choice but to ultimately believe one way about any given thing because, even in it’s ability to be “sentient”, it still cannot reach outside of itself to make a free will choice to love God as we love God.  It only knows what it was created to know.

God could have programmed us like a robot, too, predestined us one way or another, but He did not.  He created us so that we could have a choice whether or not to love Him, so we could choose ourselves life over death.  Each one of us stands before the “ocean” that is God.  Each one of us has been given a thimble and shown where the ocean is.  Whether we choose to scoop it up depends on us.

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