Have you ever listened to someone and thought what they were saying really resonated? Their words carried weight and had an impact that helped to guide or shape the journey you were traveling?

That word, resonate, piqued my interest not long ago and so I asked the Holy Spirit to show me more, which lead me to read the following excerpt from an article on physics:

“Sit in front of a piano sometime and sing a loud brief note at it while pushing down on the sustain pedal. It will sing the same note back at you—the strings that have the same frequencies as your voice, are resonating in response to the forces from the sound waves that you sent to them. This is a good example of the fact that objects—in this case, piano strings—can be forced to oscillate but oscillate best at their natural frequency.
A driving force (such as your voice in the example) puts energy into a system at a certain frequency, which is not necessarily the same as the natural frequency of the system. Over time the energy dissipates, and the amplitude gradually reduces to zero- this is called damping. The natural frequency is the frequency at which a system would oscillate if there were no driving and no damping force. The phenomenon of driving a system with a frequency equal to its natural frequency is called resonance, and a system being driven at its natural frequency is said to resonate.” 

Transferring this to human experience and words that resonate, this taught me two things:

First, that we can be forced to oscillate, and that people often confuse forced oscillation with true resonance. According to the article, forced oscillation is not always a natural frequency of the system (or person). When society, for example, sings a note loud enough and often enough (hence the “sustain pedal” example from the piano), the sound that returns is often a forced oscillation. Perhaps like an echo in a canyon? What comes to mind most prevalent these days is the forced oscillation that God made a mistake when He created you, and you are trapped in a body that does not match your soul. That is one example of forced oscillation, because we know from scripture passages like Psalm 139 that He does not make mistakes. His thoughts for you outnumber the sands. Before you were born, He knew you, and He ordained every day you will walk on this earth. He is waiting to lavish love on you and wants to adopt you as His very own.

Second, that the only time something truly resonates is when it touches our natural frequency. When we hear the truth of God’s word, there is something deep within us that begins to oscillate in our natural frequency and true resonance occurs. God created our natural frequency to be in harmony and unity with Him. His Word resonates deep within us, setting us free to sing the song we were born to sing, free to discover all that God IS, free to accomplish what we were created for, free to love and be loved.


2 thoughts on “Resonate

  1. This post resonated with me! Also from physics, there exists a force beween each and every particle in the universe. The universe contains innumerable particles. The Spirit once caused me to recognize that those lines of force have tension like a piano string, each with its own resonant frequency. Some of them are near to each other and incredibly strong. Some are separated by millions of parsecs and are therefore weak. Yet our Creator ordered it all and sustains it all. How short sighted to think that He made a silly mistake when He created any of us. (Psalms 139:14)

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