What is your idea of unity (what comes to mind when you think of that word)?

From a Christian perspective, do you think the collective body of Christ is currently in unity?

Other than a scriptural baseline such as the Nicene Creed, do you think we have to conform into one way of thinking and believing in order to have unity?

What do you think it might take to get us there?

From 1 Corinthians 12 and John 15 we learn that each member of the body of Christ draws its life from the life of the body.  As we are in connection with Him, we are in connection with one another, and the source of our life is found in Him.  What this means is that unity in and of itself is not something those who abide in Christ have to strive towards. Unity organic! In the same way a vine is connected to the branch, or a foot is connected to the leg, it just IS

Unity is not about conformity, it is about diversity coming together in harmony, accomplishing His purposes on this earth in a way that only we can as He moves within us.

When I was asking the Lord about unity once, He gave me a picture of an orchestra just before the Conductor stepped onto the podium. All the members of the orchestra were each tuning their own individual instruments and it all sounded like a cacophony of chaotic noise… until the moment when the Conductor raised his arms. Instantly all. was. silent… and then, at the Conductor’s leading, the music heard pouring out from the same diversity of instruments that were previously in discord, are now in perfect harmony – and the sound is oh, so beautiful.

What we perceive as chaos, to the trained ear comes the sound of preparation for when the maestro steps onto His platform


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