The Cross

Nobody saw the cross. They were all gaping at it and nobody actually saw it. There wasn’t a single person that day that stood and said

  • YOU were the real Passover Lamb!
  • You’re taking away the sins of the world right now!
  • You are dividing human history in two!
  • You are redeeming man to God from every nation, and every tribe, in every language!

Nobody prophesied over the cross.  Nobody said to Jesus while He was on the cross

  • You’re fulfilling Isaiah 53 right now – wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities! By your stripes, we are healed!
  • You’re fulfilling Genesis 3:15 right now – You’re taking it in the heal, but You are crushing Satan in the head!
  • You’re running the greatest race of human history!  RUN!
  • You’re fighting the greatest battle of human history! FIGHT!

Nobody actually saw the cross and not much has changed. We’re still not seeing the cross today.  We fill our churches on Easter Sunday. We see crucifixes on our steeples and in our sanctuaries and we’re still not seeing the cross.

May we see the cross in a new way.

The above was spoken by Bob Sorge in a video posted about 5 months ago on YouTube titled “Sometimes we need Trials“. In case you are not familiar with who Bob is, you can check out his website at BOBSORGE.COM. Sometimes called the “Whispering Preacher”, Bob was reduced to a whisper because of a debilitating vocal injury he suffered over 20 years ago. The website notes:

“Through the journey, God has given him an empowering message that explores God’s purposes in fiery trials. It’s not the fire that changes you but your pursuit of God in the fire that changes you.”

I just finished his book titled “The Fire of God’s Love” and cannot recommend it high enough. If you are looking to strengthen and refresh your relationship with God, what a beautiful way to start the new year by reading one of his books!

Be blessed!


4 thoughts on “The Cross

  1. Love this. Love you. Love we are in the same page of this walk.

    Praying for your class tomorrow. Let me know how it goes. ❤️

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