I’m not sure about you, but whenever I hear a word from the Lord in my spirit, it’s like manna – meaning, fresh for the moment or in the day. If I don’t seize it, it’s gone like a vapor. Especially now that I’ve had COVID twice. Or at least that’s what they are telling me. My healthcare provider confided in me last week that she has not seen one single flue case in the last couple of years. I honestly think it’s because the test they give for COVID isn’t designed to differentiate between the flu and COVID, because the markers are too similar. It is so amazing that COVID has cured the common cold!

Anyway, I digress. Brain fog, it’s real people! Back to fresh words like manna, here today and gone tomorrow. Do you find they come at a moment when you just can’t easily run to write them down? Like in the shower, for example, or when you’re making dinner, in the middle of a meeting, mowing the lawn, watching the kid’s soccer game, or having a conversation with a friend? What’s up with that, God? Are those supposed to be for just us? Sometimes yes, and they are so sweet. But sometimes my most amazing blog ideas have come while I’m in the middle other things. And writing a note about it doesn’t always guarantee that I will write a blog about it, either. I know MamaLava can relate, I’ve seen her write about it before! I can literally jot a note down and look at it the next day as if it was an alien from outer space, having no clue what prompted it! If I were to post a blog on every “God” thought that came my way, I would have volumes by now!

I’ll give you an example. This whole idea of not speaking up when we can, or not doing what we can when we can, has been mulling around in my brain for a while now (hence my latest posts). It’s this faulty idea that we think we have to have an inside track with God in some unique way that we could never personally be qualified for, so we all wait for the “qualified” person to step out instead. In reality, all He’s waiting for is the YES! in our spirit – YES, I want to know You; YES, I want to hear You; YES, I choose to obey You! What an amazing world we would live in if each one of us would do that, and not sit by idly waiting on the ones who appear special or qualified.

Yesterday as I was thinking about all of this, I got an email from Mike Pence. Yes, you heard right, the sender’s name appeared as “Mike Pence”! I laugh because these days emails from just about any half-famous or recognizable person near and far are generated as though the receiver has a personal line and connection, as though we’re college buddies. So I wasn’t surprised to see an email from Mike Pence and I don’t think he personally would be offended to know I didn’t bother reading it. But as I saw his name come up, I found myself praying, ‘Lord, help me see him as a brother and not a traitor’. OOOHHH you might be thinking, that is harsh! Okay so I’m being honest about my struggles. You might not have chosen that harsh of a description and I’m good with that, honestly. I’m already being convicted about my perceptions, so if you want to jump on that bandwagon and give me lashes for it, so be it. I honestly do want to see Mike Pence through the same loving and tender eyes as my Father, even though he chose not to step forward on a critical day in US history. Especially knowing that I am every bit as faulty as he is.

That’s when it dawned on me that I saw Mike Pence as an example of what it looks like when one does NOT step forward, the way Elijah did in order for the fire to fall, and my prayer was really all about asking the Lord to not let it be me – don’t let me be the one who fails to step forward! If I prepare the sacrifice, HE WILL provide the fire! Lord, help me be intentional about my sacrifice – the sacrifice of my heart. It is Yours, Lord, may my life bring glory to You!

What would it have looked like if Mike Pence had the courage to separate himself from the fray and differentiate himself by risking that a review on the election needed to happen? The world could look much different at this point, this is true. It is also true that we could have continued to live in oblivion, never realizing all the deception and lies that have been exposed since January 6th. So… it is good to see first hand how the Lord was able to take what Satan meant to kill, steal, and destroy, and turn it to our good instead.

So happy that something I thought of yesterday was captured and written about a day later before it vaporized! WOO HOO!


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