My Two Cents: Putin and the WEF

If you’re anything like me then the tumult of news blasting towards us everyday makes taking it all in feel like we’re holding a tiny thimble at the bottom of a long pummeling waterfall, trying to get a drink.  So… from all I have been able to filter, decipher, discern, seek insight and understanding over, here are my thoughts.  Note I said thoughts – just opinions, so don’t let me stop you from opposing points of view.  I’m still work through all of this!

The invasion of the Ukraine does not change the fact that the president of the Ukraine was and is no choir boy.  He was about as corrupt as one could get and in my opinion is just another puppet dictator propped up by the World Economic Forum (or WEF) to be their stooge and do their bidding.  The WEF does not like Putin because, even though Putin and the WEF both want one world government, Putin is a former apparatchik KGB agent who wants to do it the Soviet Communist way. 

The heartache comes with the real victims of this war, which is the people themselves, not only in the Ukraine but in Russia as well. Yes I said Russia as well, and even all of us everywhere that are buying into all of this political puppet theater.  Machiavelli may have said never let a good crisis go to waste, but it is this evil empire pushing for the great reset that no longer waits for a crisis to happen first, but proactively creates crisis after crisis in order to decimate existing governments and economies so they can themselves usher in the one-world order they envision. 

Watch what nobody else is watching.  Watch within the wide-spread news media who the whole world turns against. Watch how pocket dictators rise up in the background (within smaller governments or states, cities, district and supreme courts, corporations like MasterCard or even companies like GoFundMe) – all working to take arbitrary action to mandate and impose sanctions in the name of humanity that later down the line will be used as a precedence to take away our freedoms. Be aware and discerning. 

Do I see World War III on the horizon?  If you ask me, WW III is already in play.  People of faith are actively praying it does not rise to the highest levels.  Do I see the bio labs in the Ukraine being used for nefarious outpourings upon the world?  Yes, possibly so, but I do not believe bio or chemical weapons will be unleashed at this time.  That kind of population decimation and destruction is, to me, straight out of the book of Revelation, meaning it will come in due season but not quite yet. 

What I DO see happening right now:

The Church in this past year has awakened and is wiping the sleep from her eyes.  This awakening is not just happening among believers, it is a greater awakening because it is happening among non-believers as well, as we all begin rising up against this global tyranny. In the process, prayers are filling the incense bowls in Heaven, God’s will is being called down, and reformation is beginning to shake the kingdoms of this earth.  That shaking includes boomerangs where evil schemes fall back onto the heads of those principalities and powers that intended them.  God Himself will reveal hidden things in such a way that leaves no doubt it was He who unveiled it, and all of this will usher in the biggest revival and harvest the world has ever seen.

But beware, because there is a flip side to this coin.  While the push-back on Satan’s plan to hasten his day is happening, prophecy might just be being fulfilled at the same time.  As this global war intensifies and more and more countries get involved, you can bet that Israel will once again become a major target in the middle east. 

Watch how nations shift and peoples begin to align, some rulers are taken out while others are put into place.  Keep in mind how Jesus describes sheep and goat nations (or people groups)  in Matthew 25 – those who feed/care for His people are sheep nations, those who don’t are goat nations.  Watch how Psalms 2 is fulfilled when nations take counsel together to come against God and His people, to cast off morality. Watch how one man in particular begins to take center world stage more and more as peace treaties are negotiated.  Watch carefully if all nations, including Israel, agree to a peace treaty. 

Why watch?  Because if I understand prophecy correctly, this is the beginning of the seven year period of the antichrist. While the whole world and many Christians who have prayed for peace rejoice, Satan has set the stage for the final days.  Thank you, Jesus, that you are victorious in the end!

Just my two cents.

Be blessed.

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