Deceived: The New Religion

It occurs to me that as we plummet headfirst more into darkness each day, that we compromise and allow deception to reign. There are those who become so far removed from truth along the way that they will begin to not only believe but to embrace the lie so much that they themselves are convinced by it. The deceivers actually begin deceiving themselves!

I’ll give you some examples. The New Testament of the bible tells us much about the Pharisees. We always see them waiting to trip Jesus up, or catch Him in some blasphemy, or in an act violating their traditions. They truly seem to be a demonized and hateful bunch, and Jesus often appears saddened and annoyed by them. But I believe their zeal was not only born out of a perceived threat of loss of control over the people, but also out of an actual belief that Jesus was a crack-pot blasphemer who was leading God’s chosen people astray. I definitely think it was a combination of these two (and probably other motivations not mentioned). But as we can clearly see now, and for anyone who truly wishes to study it out, Jesus fulfills every Old Testament prophecy about the Messiah ever written – every single one.

What is further interesting, knowing He is the fulfillment of prophecy, is to discover things like what is said about the scarlet thread mentioned in the Talmud (Tractate Yoma 39b). There was a scarlet died wool “thread” that was expected to turn white every year on Yom Kippur when the high priest would perform the ritual of atonement for the sins of the people. People saw this miraculous occurrence as a sign that their sins were forgiven for another year. According to this passage in the Talmud, not only did the thread not turn white that year but also every year for 40 years in between, until the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. when Jewish sacrifices were abolished due to the temple being destroyed by Rome. For those who recognize Jesus as Messiah who comes first as a sacrificial lamb and second as the Lion of Judah, this is a sign that God rejected the sacrifice of animals because Jesus Himself was the ultimate sacrifice once for all, not just for the Jews but for us Gentiles as well. To me this just adds to the overwhelming evidence that the priests and pharisees, although sincere in their beliefs, got it wrong.

Jumping forward to today, I’ve often wondered how multitudes could be allured into buying wholeheartedly into the one world religion of the antichrist that the bible describes in Revelation chapter 13, but believe the sincere zeal of the Pharisees gives us a clue. From this chapter in Revelation, we learn that the antichrist (or beast as he is called), together with the false prophet (or second beast) perform miracles that are so great that they deceive even possibly the very elect (see Matthew 24:24 and 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). So we know from this that there is great allure and attraction for people to become followers of the beast – who sets himself up not only as the Messiah but also as the fulfillment of all other religions, but is in fact the very antithesis of truth.

This allure of deception was confirmed when I saw New York’s Governor on a news broadcast recently stating that she needed “apostles” to evangelize people to get the vaccine because “Jesus taught us to love one another,” and that people who’ve gotten the shots are “the smart ones” while those who refuse to get it “aren’t listening to God and what God wants”. Whose god, I wondered, and why isn’t she taking individual circumstance into consideration? I also have to ask if she herself hears “God” when it comes to the murder of innocent unborn (and even just born) babies?

Now if you honestly believe that the vaccine is the best thing for you, then by all means, go for it. That is your choice, and I’m not here to stop you. But if for various reasons there are those of us who do not believe it is the best thing, why is the government working so forcibly to mandate that it is not our choice? One has to consider that if a government (any government) can force you to take the jab, then they can also force you to take the mark of the beast. Compromise is made in small steps, and the lines we cross in the midst of compromise can be dangerously deceitful.

I’m still trying to figure out why those who have been vaccinated need to be protected from those who have not been vaccinated. If the vaccine is as good as they claim, why would that be necessary? If the vaccine is as good as they claim, why, according to CDC data, did the virus almost flat line as far as new cases in the US prior to the vaccine, and then suddenly and aggressively spike after people began being vaccinated? I’m curious to know why there is a higher risk of catching COVID after vaccination than there is before, by the very people who have been vaccinated. I’m curious to know why countries like Australia never took the extreme measures they are taking now for COVID against such things as the flu, since the flu has higher death rates than COVID. I’m curious about a lot of things, and I know I don’t stand alone in my curiosity.

But I digress… The point I am hoping to make about the governor of New York’s appeal is that she, much like the Pharisees, has bought into this secular empire religion, and as a result not only perceives a threat of loss of control over the people, but also truly believes that those who act in an individual manner against the government-dictated social norms are crack-pots who are leading people astray.

Take that with another news article I saw recently regarding a letter from a teachers organization also in NY that requested for parents who engaged in protests to be designated as domestic terrorists and treated as such, as if the government has final authority over our children. For anyone who is a Christ-Follower, all of this appears to be the height of hypocrisy and lunacy, but to those who swallow the lies “hook, line, and sinker”, they are just as sincere in their belief in the deception as we are in the grounded and absolute truth of the bible.

This goes along with a book my husband was reading recently “Hitler’s Cross” by Erwin Lutzer, which analyzes what happens when a country forgets God, and declares the state in place of God in regards to what, and how you are allowed to believe, and what happened to the church and Germany as a result. In the book he describes one of Hitlers top enforcers, Heinrich Himmler, who believed in reincarnation. In his warped idea of spirituality based on a mix of Norse mythology, Hinduism, racism, and the occult, he believed that the Jewish people were “lower than the animals”. As a result he also sincerely believed he was actually doing the Jewish people a favor by annihilating them, so they could return on a higher rung of life than before. How absurd! Sin, hatred, and the evil in which it is rooted has no bounds. Those who combine an almighty state, with total control, and a warped spirituality, and racism in whatever form, who deny Judeo-Christian values, advocate for loss of freedom, and the right to one’s life, and deny the right to decide what entails one’s own physical health, are crossing the line from welfare to tyranny.

THIS is why it is so important to know and understand our enemy is not flesh and blood but are the rulers and powers, principalities and forces of this present darkness (see Ephesians chapter 6). This is also why it is important to STAND and not compromise.

Letting go of our will in order to seek and fulfill His will instead has nothing to do with conformity. We need to understand that unity and conformity are not one in the same. We can all unite as one nation without conformity, keeping our individuality and God given rights. There is nothing more powerful than being who God created us to be! That is why our founding fathers emphasized being created equal, with equal opportunity. Equal opportunity does not guarantee equal outcome, and the sooner we return to that understanding, the faster all this racist nonsense being propagated by those wishing to divide and conquer through fear will come to an end.

Know this, the truth and understanding I speak of is only imparted through the Holy Spirit. Scripture tells us that when we hold to His teachings, then we will know the truth, the truth will set us free (see John 8:31-32). Jesus said He IS the truth (John 14:6). You can know Him too. He is found by everyone who sincerely seeks Him, and He will set you free!

5 thoughts on “Deceived: The New Religion

  1. Something that always intrigued me was the absurdity of the Pharisees after Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead. “So the chief priests made plans to put Lazarus to death as well, because on account of him many of the Jews were going away and believing in Jesus.” John 12:10-11
    Could they not understand that this man HAD BEEN DEAD and was now alive!? Yet they thought they would kill him AGAIN, which absent Jesus after His resurrection and ascension, they probably could and get away with it for a while longer.
    How can the deceived look at Jesus miracles and still want to kill him? “… for they loved the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from God.” John 12:43
    Just a small correction: “Jesus fulfills every Old Testament prophecy about the Messiah ever written – every single one.” Actually He has only fulfilled about 50% of the Messianic prophecies, because the remainder refer to the End Times when He will finish the fulfillments. But all of those that referred to the first arrival of the Messiah, you are correct.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  2. This sure resonated with me! If my life, so far, has taught me anything it is that God is faithful and true to His word. He has remained steadfastly so even when I have not. I am convinced that today is a good day to have the armor of God buckled on tight and the Holy Spirit guiding into all the truth. We best not be looking anywhere else, for the father of lies is really upping the stakes and he has an awful lot of help from men of corrupt heart. I look for the day, when he exclaims, “Oh, No!” with the realization that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. And, he has given us the same commission.

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