Quaking Aspens Giving Praise

My husband and I went on our annual “Colorado Color Tour” to catch some breathtaking artwork by our Creator. My favorite of all of all are the Quaking Aspens, called such because, like Quakers of old, they are known for the way they “tremble” or shimmer in the autumn breezes. It reminds me of tambourines shaking, and if you care to listen, the music they play as they lift praises to God is oh, so beautiful!

Here are a few I snapped with my phone 😁

Quaking Aspens
Along a scenic route off highway 149, near the Rio Grande valley
“Valley of Color”, along the scenic route
Rocky Mountain High
Uncompaghre Wilderness (on the east side looking west)
Lake San Crystobal
North Clear Creek Falls
Bubu demands to know where we’ve been, meowing “it’s about time you got back”!

6 thoughts on “Quaking Aspens Giving Praise

  1. Beautiful! I just love Colorado and we all know that God is a Bronco Fan because of our gorgeous blue and orange sunsets! 😉 Lake San Crystobal was just added to my bucket list!

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    1. Hahaha! That’s hilarious 😆 Uwe said to tell you the lake pictures are sunRISE pics 😜 But lots of blue sky and orange hills for sure, and I have to agree, we have some beautiful sunrises and sunsets here, don’t we!


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