2+2 = Racist?

Where does the craziness end? I heard the latest thing is that traditional math is now also being labeled as racist or “too white”, and that we must stop using it. Whaaaat?? Without traditional math, we would not know how to map the heavens, identify the stars, or send astronauts into space. Without traditional math, Wall Street, banking, company and career growth would all come to a screeching halt, as well as any kind of commerce – period. Math makes you a better cook, helps you with your finances, helps you tell time and manage your time effectively. Without math, we would be ripped off all day every day.

Imagine if you will, you are sailing on the ocean and a pirate comes in and tosses your compass, sextant, map, and GPS overboard. Without any means of navigating the waters, it leaves you helpless and drifting without aim from one end to the other. That was the pirate’s goal for his gainful purposes, because now you are at his mercy and he can do with you as he wills.

The truth is that math is a universal language, crossing all boundaries, cultures and tribes, and skin colors. But now it is somehow being labeled as racist. Sigh… Here, woke crowd, here’s another egg you can scramble! What in your great “wisdom” do you intend to use instead? For all your “wokeness”, you are still as you yourself claim – a lost, confused, torn apart generation that is being manipulated for someone else’s purpose and gain. The question you should be asking is, have you ever given thought about where your confusion comes from? Have you ever considered you are being manipulated and confused on purpose by those pirates who have their own agenda? Who stands to gain the most and profit from your confusion, or whose purpose does it serve?

Your confusion is being manifested by others for their personal gain. Thinking of the ohhh so many causes out there these days, the more confused you are, the more in need of them you feel, and the more you go on feeling alone, the less you are able to recognize truth. It is an ideology that claims to have as its goal the “good” of the masses – led by the few who know better – all the while concealing the fact that they are really only interested in the “goods” of the masses for the betterment of the few in charge. It’s the claim by the 1% that they are the only ones qualified to speak for the 99%. It is history’s largest Ponzi scheme, regardless of the name it is called by (Marxism, socialism, BLM, antifa, LGTBQ, you name it), and the indoctrination and confusion that arises is critical for the success of their agenda, to get you under their control, and so much of it comes straight out of current school curriculum.

The point of education is not to take what you are being told without question but to learn how to question what you are being told!

I was able to gain a bit of insight into the utter lostness and confusion of this generation recently from a conversation I had with one of my favorite millennials. I was doing my best to convince her why she really wanted to align herself to scripture, even if or when scripture did not support her current beliefs. I was trying to convince her that God can be all loving and yet all holy and righteous at the same time. His ways are true and right, and if she ever wanted to help herself and her friends to eliminate all the confusion this world shoves down their throats on a daily basis, then she really wanted to stand on Christ, the solid, immovable, immutable rock!

Fair warning, trying to convince this generation of this on your own is like being body slammed into a wall again and again, because it takes the Holy Spirit to convict them of truth and lead them to righteousness. I was reminded that can be a voice who speaks truth, I can pray and contend for their greatness in Him, I can love them, but the heart-changing work is up to Him. May they yield and say yes to this life-giving work!

I learned a thing or two from my sweet friend. Although we were both raised in church, I had to take into consideration there is likely about a 35 year gap between when I was raised and when she was raised. Never in all the years I was growing up did anyone try to tell my generation that universal truths were no longer true. Two plus two always equaled four. What went up always had to come down. Men were men and women were women. For any normal person to color outside of those lines was, well, their choice.

One thing she and I do have in common is that we were both raised to believe that to judge a person because of something they have no choice in, such as skin color for example – whether white or black or anything else – is immoral. So imagine my surprise when it really sank in on me that she is convinced, persuaded beyond reason, that every single LGBTQ person is, well, BORN that way! They have no choice that they are homosexual or lesbian or a man trapped in a woman’s body or… well I could go on but you get the point.

This generation, in spite of science pointing out being born this way is a defect that most do not survive, and is percentage-wise not nearly as great as the current LGBTQ population, and too is definitely in rebellion of scripture, has been taught to believe it is not a lifestyle choice, it was by birth – and so to discriminate against the lifestyle in any way is therefore as immoral as discrimination against skin color. There is no accepting the sinner without the sin because it is not a sin, it is the way they were born to be, so you cannot separate the two! Furthermore under this delusion, if they want to truly fulfill the destiny that God is calling them to, then they MUST live this lifestyle, for to live any other way would be to live a lie.

But wait… what does it say about God – a God they agree is all loving – when He creates a man who was supposed to be a woman, or vise-verse? Doesn’t that make God about the most cruel God ever, that He would choose to play such a cruel joke on an entire generation of LGBTQ people? No cruel jokes here. All the riots, parades, rallies, sign-holders, laws, and surgeries cannot change the fact that God created you to be in the body you were given at birth any more than you can change the fact that two plus two equals four.

I also realized that, although this generation is about the most confused and without God that I have ever seen or studied about in history, the confusion itself is ancient and the agenda of the elite has not changed. For humanity, the root of it can be traced all the way back to the Garden of Eden…

“Did God really say…?”

Genesis 3:1

Even back then Satan knew that if he could get humanity to doubt God’s word, that is all it takes to handicap their future and enslave them into sin for life. It not only robs God, who he hates, of these precious lives, it robs each one of them from truly experiencing His love. The curse is not a one-and-done event, it is a daily occurrence, and the only way to be set free from it, to stop the confusion and lostness, and break the curse is to take God at His word. Pray for these! Love them and have compassion on them! We who know the Truth can no longer withhold truth in fear they will be offended. The only thing that will set them or anyone else free is the one, true, living, speaking, immutable God!

‘Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”’

John 8:31-32

5 thoughts on “2+2 = Racist?

  1. Sometimes, I think the woke anti-racists come up with statements like this to avoid having to actually do the work of improving failing schools and math education. Racism is a serious issue and minority students have been impacted, no question. But the answer should be invest more in better education, for all students really, but really ensuring minority students are part of that. Declaring math itself as “racist” is a way of perpetuating status quo.

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