Shades of Grey

In the 1990’s, in spite of the good little church goer that I was, there was about a 4 or 5 year period where I used to be attracted to anything new-age, from music to books and everything in between. Back then, to me, everything was a shade of grey. There was no black and white, and although you would hear me say that God and scripture were true and that I believed in absolutes, I had no clear understanding of what that really meant.

I was fascinated by Nostradamus and end-of-the-world prophecies, but if you told me I should study the book of Revelation, I likely would have rolled my eyes in the belief that (at least at that time) I was not a theologian nor even a book worm, so none of that would likely make sense to me anyway. The sad truth was that angels clothed in light, things written through trans-channeling (or auto-writing), and anything that focused on a better me and learning to love myself through my own independence and “woman power” had more of an attraction to me than anything holy.

One of the books I actually do remember reading at the time was titled “Conversations with God”. I found it interesting that the author claimed there was no right or wrong, there was only functional and dysfunctional. Sounds somewhat logical, right? Especially when wrong and right appear so black and white, so unloving and hateful! But let me tell you why all of that is deception dressed in light – taking what is truth, twisting it, and then repackaged it in a way that is always palatable and yet never powerful.

First of all I want to say that God is so much more than just sentience (or feeling) as new-age spiritualism would have us believe. That He is “more of a feeling” and is “everywhere and in everyone and everything” is a twist on the truth that He is omniscient and omnipresent. He is, in fact, an actual living, breathing, person, and His Word is not only truth but really IS ABSOLUTE truth, and very powerful!

After both of my parents passed away, I learned that grief is love that has no where to go, and because love never dies, grief may subside but it always remains under the surface. So imagine when it dawned on me that I had been grieving the Holy Spirit, because at that time I was so absorbed into all of this, His love for me also had no place to go. I didn’t realize I was actively resisting Him. If you were to ask me back then, I was in such a confused state that I would have even debated that God approved of that form of spiritualism, because I didn’t understand the difference between an “angel clothed in light” and an “angel of the Light“.

Only in Jesus Christ can I find freedom to live the life I was created to live – my purpose in this life. That was a game changer for me, because all of the sudden I saw sin (which is ANYTHING that separates me from Him) as slavery (black), and righteousness in Him as freedom (white).

“Oh but Lisa”, you might say, “there IS grey! Take for example the grey lines between male and female”! Yes, the male/female thing can be a big debate and a lot to unpack for some, but I have to tell you that the black and white in me no longer sees it as a debate. Once I aligned myself with scripture, passages like Psalms 139 (He formed me in my mother’s womb, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, all the days ordained for me were written in His book…) and Jeremiah 1 (before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…) came alive with meaning! I began to realize that if I choose to become anything outside of what He has created me to be (and this goes beyond just LBGTQ, it applies to everyone) – if WE, any of us, choose any other path outside of the one He has created and ordained for us, then we set ourselves up for a life focused on temporary pleasures, and in the end are left not only unsatisfied and unfulfilled, but also in a deadly deception.

True science, in the end, always aligns with scripture (whether intended or not). Why? Because Jesus Christ, God Almighty, the Creator of this universe and everything in it, is immutable. We align with Him, He doesn’t align with us. He doesn’t sanction the sin, He sanctions the sinner. Once I recognize His authority in my life, I am the one who changes as I come under it. Anything less is expecting Him to change and bend to my will instead of me bending to His – and that in itself is saying that I do not believe He is God, because I do not value Him enough to bend my will to His. Truth: the fact that He sanctions the sinner and not the sin has nothing to do with Him not loving me, quite the opposite. It has everything to do with Him loving me so much that He takes delight in me as I discover what I was created for.

I’m just glad He caught my attention enough at the time for me to allow Him to stop the soul-sucking practices, habits, and bad theology I was mixed up in and allow Him to begin healing me instead. His Spirit was continuously wooing me back to Him. As I began to respond and desire conversations with the Living God Himself rather than with just His creation, I knew more and more that He really is immutable (the same yesterday, today, forever), and that scripture really is His holy word.

So that’s where I am with holiness on my end.  It is what I call the journey of shades of grey into a solid state of black and white, because that’s what holiness does. Only those who allow His holiness to be imparted to them realize what a beautiful thing it really is to be set apart in this way. It is incredibly comforting in the chaos of this world, and touches the human spirit in a way that is far more than anything sensual this world has to offer!

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10 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

    1. Thanks for the needed and poignant reminder.

      Craig Groeschel points out in his book WIERD that people pleasing is a spiritually destructive form of idolatry that author Harriet Braiker deals with in her book The Disease To Please. I’ve regretfully succumbed to this far more than I care to remember throughout life, but God continues to graciously forgive and restore me when I confess I’ve yet again put others first ahead of Him in my desire to please.

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  1. Hi, Lisa.

    Never “reposted” before and probably won’t do it again as a one-click deal WP offers. Wanted to add my intro and picture and link it to your blog differently than WP did, so the entire thing would show up on my blog and not just a sample paragraph or two. Also, just realized you probably would not have minded if I used your real name rather than Alabastersky in the intro, since you used it in your blog, but it is what it is now and I don’t want to keep editing as a few of my followers are emails and they will get an email whenever I change stuff and I hate to bug people with too many edits.

    Anyway, the THANX is to you for your insightful blog and vulnerability in it. Blessings on you, and let’s meet in Heaven someday if we don’t get the opportunity here on earth! (Next week my blog is about that: the fear people have of death or even talking about it.) However, if you are ever Kentucky way in the USA, let Anita and me know you’re coming and “we’ll leave a light on fer ya.” (ala Tom Bodett, Motel 6 😉)

    yours and His, c.a.

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    1. Hi CA, so sorry to hear that the repost process itself wasn’t great but have to say too what a true gift it has been. I have very few followers so it’s fun to see the stats shoot up. I didn’t know that people keep getting emails each time I edited a post 😳 I wish I could count how many times I’ve probably irritated the crud out of some folks then, wow, so good to know!! Blessings on you and Anita! Same here with me and Uwe (pronounced Uvah) – anytime you’re in or near Colorado Springs, give us a shout!

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