Who Needs Borders Anyway?

If I were to ask you which was better, to be a citizen of the country you live in, or to be a citizen of the world, which would you say? A citizen of the world? That certainly sounds sophisticated. Disney taught us all from a young age that it was a small world after all, right? I mean, isn’t it more important to consider the masses as a whole instead of thinking only of ourselves? We have come to rely on so many things outside of us. Wouldn’t it be selfish and narrow minded to think sovereignty really mattered much anymore? That is so old school, and so limiting! Who needs borders, anyway?

I work for a global company and many of the colleagues I interact with on a day to day basis are often in other countries besides my own. I have grown fond of many of them and as a whole I would say we work well together as a team. I’ve learned it takes all of us working together to accomplish the things set before us. At the same time, I have also traveled beyond my hometown, not just to other states within the United States but to many other countries as well. Through it all, I have come to deeply appreciate other peoples and cultures.

And yet I would not call myself a citizen of the world.

As a matter of fact, to consider myself a citizen of the world (laying down any claim to a heritage or region) in my opinion, is a dishonor to all of the people I have met globally. If we are all citizens of the world, what becomes of the culture and heritage that sets us apart from one another? Why would I want to erase the lines that make them all unique and beautiful as they are, or even my own uniqueness for that matter?

Oh, but Lisa, you may say, just because I am a citizen of the world doesn’t mean that I erase cultural lines! It only means that I recognize there is so much more to life than just me, my family, and my country. Therein is the lie, my friends, the belief that if we all become citizens of the world that we can somehow maintain what makes us each diverse, individual, set apart, unique. The reason is simple, in order to have a world without borders mandates that we also have a one-world government. No more nations, no more diversity period, of any kind. No more heritage. No more laws we use to govern ourselves – all laws become universal.

But wait, you might say, isn’t that a good thing? Well, let’s examine that thought. If I am a Muslim and believe in Sharia law, and you are not, will we all fall under Sharia law? Or if you are part of the LBGTQ community and all of the sudden fall under a universal law that forbids your lifestyle, is that something you are willing to give up? If I am a Jew, and universal law demands that I convert to the universal religion, would I do it? How about if I am married and have children, and the new universal law dictates there is no longer marriage and the state owns all children and I no longer have any rights over them? I could go on but the question you want to be asking is who gets to create the laws – what people, what country, what government?

In case you are still questioning why the absence of borders/limits/boundaries is not a good thing, consider that the breakdown of borders in today’s global society goes well beyond nation states. All borders are under attack. Traditional family nucleus, for example, including the relationship between parent and child. Marriage between a man and a woman is another. On a larger scale, the border between male and female is also under strong attack.

I was watching one of the original Star Trek episodes not long ago where they surprisingly mentioned that male/female was a universal constant (something these days we have long forgotten). Universal constants (constants that have the same value wherever they occur or appear) cannot be changed, irregardless of what we may say or do to the contrary. Examples of such include gravity or the speed of light. Things that, by their very nature, tell us that there is a God (who created it and set the limitation) and that we are not Him (because we have no power to change the limitation, irregardless of what we do or say or try).

Think of a border as a boundary. Are all boundaries bad? What about these boundaries…

  1. The walls of a house. A house without walls is not a house. Would you be willing to live in a house where some or all of the walls were missing, or even a house without any locks whatsoever on the doors or windows?
  2. The walls of a single cell. A cell without walls has nothing left to protect it, which leaves it vulnerable to disease. They say that the average human body contains roughly 30 trillion cells. Would you want any of the cells in your body to be broken down and vulnerable to disease?
  3. Your skin. There is a cell-adhesion molecule called Laminin. Imagine what your body would be without laminin’s ability to hold your skin into place.
  4. The lines on the streets are borders as well, representing laws that guide us while we drive. Imagine waking up one morning to discover all the lines, traffic lights, and signs on all the streets in New York City had been erased. Would you want to drive among the chaos?

Not all boundaries that are currently in place are designed to keep us from having fun or expressing ourselves to the fullest. Sometimes it become necessary to create boundaries – or limitations – in order that we might excel. For example, if I want to finish school, as a student I might create a boundary for myself that would prevent me from partying every night because I know that doing so would hinder my goal. Or as a young woman, if I desired to keep myself pure because I placed a value on marriage and desired to give myself wholly to my future husband, abstaining becomes more valuable to me than indulgence.

So then if borders are not always bad thing after all, why are all borders and boundaries under such vehement attack? It all boils down to what I call the spirit of empire. Whaaaat? I can tell you are chomping at the bit for me to explain! An empire is anything where the borders are never satisfied and ever or always expanding. In order for empire to continue growing, a breakdown of boundaries becomes necessary because the root of empire is complete dominance and control. If you don’t know your history, if you don’t have a family (either physically or spiritually), if you have nothing to call your own, if you are part of the masses and not recognized as an individual, if you value security over freedom or are attracted to what you can get at the cost of personal liberty, then you are easily dominated and controlled.

The spirit of empire is as old as when time began and can be found throughout all of history and in every society and culture. The most easily recognizable, of course, are the nation states that became kingdoms that became empires (Roman Empire, British Empire, etc.). But there are also those empires not so easily recognized, such as corporate empires, mega churches (or the concept of the mega church), or even the global empire.

At the center of each of these is a small group of people who call themselves “the elite”, and at the top of the elite is one single person. You may find what I am about to say as shocking or unbelievable (especially if you are not aware of the spiritual realm or have tried to convince yourself that holy scripture is not true and a holy God does not exist), but the one single person is Satan himself, which is why it is so critical that we fight the spirit of empire on a spiritual warfare level, like it says in the bible, in Ephesians chapter six.

TRUTH: Satan is NOT omniscient, nor is he omnipresent. If you understand these two important things, then you will also be able to understand why he demands a world without borders, a one world government. Control freak that he is, he needs and demands a one world government because he is NOT all-knowing and cannot be everywhere at once, and so he needs this structure in order to even have a chance at maintaining control. Anything less would not equal total dominance, because there would always be the element of risk that an usurper lurks around the corner waiting to rise up against him. Breakdown of borders is the only thing that opens the door to empire, because an absence of borders and boundaries allows him to dictate who you are and what you are.

Limits, boundaries, or borders do not matter to anyone who is under the influence of the spirit of empire, but individuals who have a relationship with the God of this universe know who they are as well as whose they are – they belong to God and they know their rights come from Him and no one else. No government established can take away the God-given rights of the individual, and this scares the crap out of anyone controlled by the spirit of empire, because these individuals are the ones who take a stand and begin to change the world around them. Never forget that the masses are made up of individuals, and that if the rights of the individual are compromised in any way, then the rights of the masses are as well.

So the next time someone asks you if you are a citizen of the world, remember this, and consider choosing the path of the individual instead.

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