Engage in the Kiss

What is sin? What is the height of human pleasure? Is there really a God? I mean, after all, truth is relative, isn’t it?

Sin is anything that separates us from our Savior and Creator, Jesus Christ, who is life, love, light, and all that is good. If I refuse to recognize Jesus for who He is, then I will never see sin for what it is, and am doomed to continue to be dominated and controlled by it.

Sin, therefore, is what prevents us from living the fullest, most free and exciting, purposeful life we were created to live. Why? Because, being separated from the power that enables us to have a right standing with the Most High God is what prevents us from aligning with biblical principles. Instead, seeing through the filter of sin, we perceive the Christ-filled life as strict, drab, and boring, and we see sin as the only way to have fun.

Of course there may be some who are willing to follow God to a certain point, as far as it agrees with their current philosophy and ever changing culture, or as long as it is a benefit to them personally. But the first sign of conflict will bring about a point of decision where they must choose the approval of man verses the approval of God. If they do not truly see Christ, they will yield to the approval of man every time.

TRUTH: The most exciting and exceedingly pleasurable experience to any human – the one that tops them all – is when God, in His mercy, kisses our spirit – and our response is to engage in the kiss. For the first time, we then experience what is absolute truth. We know that we are not God. We know we need a savior to restore that relationship with the one, true God – the one that will fill the hole in our hearts only He can fill. We know He is good. And we know life – not just a mere existence – but LIFE is found only in Him.

Engage in the kiss!

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