Survey Results

Survey results are in! See the graphs below. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. Here are the stats along with a few interesting observations:

40 responses were analyzed

100% of those who participated consider themselves a Christian

12% of those who consider themselves Christian believe there are other paths to attain eternal life

Out of the seven institutions listed, the majority (50%) trusted the Church most for guidance. 15% chose Family, and 35% did not trust any of these institutions for guidance.

98% of respondents believe that Christians should be engaged and involved in every major sphere of society (which is the equivalent of the institutions I had listed: Church, Media, Government, Arts & Entertainment, Family, Business, Education)

The majority of people surveyed (80%) believe their daily concerns and questions are being answered by the church, but according to the survey, only 50% trust the answers or guidance they are receiving from the church.

68% of people surveyed believe we are living in the end of the end times. Another 23% is uncertain.

As far as the Church being raptured out prior to the beginning of the great tribulation, it was an almost even thirds – 35% believe we are not, 32.5% believe we are, and 32.5% are uncertain

75% of people surveyed responded that they study scripture apart from the sermons they hear, with another 15% responding sometimes or that they have attended bible studies before. 7.5% do not attend church or listen to sermons. To the one person who responded that you would like to study the bible but would not know where to start (or for anyone else who wishes this also), I hope that you will reach out to me so that I can help get you started down this path.

Although the majority of respondents believed we are living in the end times, 78% noted that in the past year they have heard sermons preached on the end times sometimes (32.5%), rarely 27.5%), or never (17.5%). 22.5% noted they hear end-time oriented sermons usually or always.

65% of respondents say they constantly think of and/or pray to God throughout their day. The remaining 35% responded they usually or sometimes think of and/or pray to God throughout their day.

I have to admit, I used a free survey tool that limited me to 10 questions and did not allow for text responses. That being said, I would love to hear from you! Now that you see these results, what are your thoughts? Are you surprised by any of them? Would you have asked anything differently? What insights do you gain from these results? Please feel welcome to leave a comment and/or reach out to me personally.

Here’s the graphs for those of you who may be visual, like me. Thank you all again for your time and participation!

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