2020 Predictions

America is in a fight for her soul, for her future, and for the continuity of our Republic.  My first prediction for 2020: the 2020 presidential election will, I fear, end in revolution.  Not civil war, as that would be “us” fighting against “us”, but a revolution – us fighting against a governmental regime made up of those who consider themselves as “elite thinkers”. Just like all the other so-called “indigenous uprisings” across the world, this one has been stoked for years by those who want to pit us against one another until we have become like a great big ugly festering pimple that is ready to pop.  These global uprisings are not a coincidence.

What’s at risk?  Our freedom.  Not just freedom to make choices on where we work, how healthcare is provided, get educated, or how we choose to spend our money and/or time.  Freedom to worship openly in every facet of the public or private square, to gather in worship of the One True God, and not be oppressed or fear retaliation.  Freedom to think independently, not just group learn. It is this very freedom that the Founding Fathers of this country fought for, the freedom they gave us along with the responsibility to keep it for future generations. 

Freedom of Religion, as it is called, has become the difference between a believer in Christ in the United States and one in China.  The hand of blessing that rests over our country comes through our faith in God so that we can be light among men, and we can love and serve one another.  As we move headlong into a society and culture bent on “me first”, we are quickly losing it.

There is a word used in today’s culture that I’m sure when noted will bring immediate images of what it is and how it’s being used, and that is the word “Snowflake”. Especially within the political arena, it is used to note someone who is easily offended or felt they needed a “safe place” away from the harsh realities of the world.  As author Dudley Hall puts it, “It seems we have become so fragile that we can’t endure the tension of being challenged to think beyond our own opinions”.

Believers in Christ in China may not have the freedom to worship openly, but unlike us here in the United States, they know what it means to follow the leadership of our Lord at any cost, and to experience first hand the joy in Christ that comes from the fellowship of His suffering.  What would we do here if suffering like that became part of our everyday life?  Would we shrink back in fear, becoming offended that the God we claim to worship is no longer providing us with what we perceive as blessing, or would we too count it all joy in the same manner as the Christians in China?

My second prediction for 2020?  Christians in America suffering for their faith.  But here is what I know: miracles come out of suffering!  Hang on, press in to Him, don’t give up!  The United States is about to be shaken to the core by evil men committing wickedness in high places if they get their way, but our God is higher still and a mightier force than they could ever conceive or imagine!  We are on the brink of ushering in a new age.  Let us prayerfully seek the face of God in asking for His guidance, forgiveness, and to prepare us for what’s to come. 

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