Broken Bread and Poured Out Wine

There is something burning within me, buried like a treasure I have to unearth, planted like a seed that springs forth as it is watered. It is the idea that God’s Kingdom is:

  • AGELESS, meaning, whether in THIS age or in the age yet to come, it remains
  • TIMELESS, meaning, the things established in righteousness endure, whether they are established here in this present age or in the age where Christ fully reigns
  • BOUNDLESS, meaning, His Kingdom is within us! No matter where we are or where we go, His Kingdom is there. It knows no bounds.

What does this mean to a seeming nobody like me that blends into the myriad? It means that as I live unto the Lord, doing all that I do for Him, the impacts I have within my sphere of influence are gains for His Kingdom, here and now, that will endure for all eternity.

If a lawmaker under His authority (or delegated authority), established a law in righteousness, it remains! If a teacher teaches righteousness, it remains! No matter who I am or what I do – an attorney or doctor perhaps, a factory or retail worker, soldier, corporate employee, it doesn’t matter – all I do here to push back the lines of darkness and thereby take back ground stolen by the evil one, remains.

If I am farmer, fisherman, inventor, perhaps an artist reflecting His glory, or a minister or missionary, or scientist discovering His precision – any and all occupations are crying out to be filled with God-fearing Christians who understand this concept! We are not here polishing the brass on a sinking ship or just idly waiting for His return. We have been given dominion!

From the greatest to the smallest, each of us can do our part in advancing the Kingdom of God, establishing and practicing His eternal laws, protecting, serving, teaching, healing, and caring as we live, wherever we are. Doing what is JUST, and simply loving Christ out loud, being a reflection of Him- not holding our light under cover but allowing it to shine in excellence and brightness, unashamed and bold!

Each one of us can have a radical, warrior spirit where we REFUSE to give up and give in to social shaming and pressure and watered down versions of the gospel. We can stand unafraid to lose our lives in Christ, willing to sacrifice it all in hopes that we might win some for His glory. Why? Because He, my friends, is worth it! Like a vapor, we have one moment on this earth, and this is it! Our inheritance is Christ Himself, all that He is, all that He has to offer.

O Eternal One, our eyes are on You! May we, like the Apostle Paul, consider it a joyful thing to spend ourselves out in extravagance., all that we are and all that we have, that we can lead others to KNOW You, that we can push back the lines of darkness and advance Your Kingdom here, now. Amen.

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