Yielded Spirit

What does it mean to have a spirit that is yielded?

Anyone who has been in or around church in America over the last couple of decades I’m guessing has probably heard others speak in conversation or in corporate or group prayers, or perhaps even prayed it yourself, meaning you are giving way to the Holy Spirit to work in your life in whatever particular regard you are praying about.

What else do we yield our spirits to besides the Holy Spirit, either knowingly or unknowingly?  Thoughts, ideas, programs, desires, culture, teachings, upbringing, prejudices, preferences?  What keeps us from moving forward in His plans and purpose for our lives?

Teach us Lord, we pray, what it means to yield our spirits to You and You alone.  Reveal to us what other things we are currently yielding ourselves to, so that through the power of Your Spirit those things can be removed, and nothing stands between our spirit and Yours.

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