Naked, Barefoot, and Buttocks Bared

Naked, barefoot, and buttocks bared.  This was a command the Lord gave to Isaiah (see Isaiah 20).  Isaiah obeyed, going naked for three years as a sign to both Egypt and Cush (Ethiopia) regarding their pending captivity by the king of Assyria.

I’m not saying God is commanding anyone these days to go physically naked.  The question I have is one of obedience to what God is speaking in your life, in this moment, here and now.

Would you do it?  If you clearly heard the Lord Himself speak and demand something that was hard to do, and might bring with it rejection or persecution not just from people in general but possibly from your own family or peers, but you knew it was the Lord giving you a direct order, would you be obedient?

How far in your journey with God are you willing to go?  He will take you no further than the point of your disobedience.  To the degree you hesitate is the exact degree that He is truly Lord of your life.


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