Then Sings My Soul

Eternal God!  Do You dwell in the tent of stars You Yourself have pitched[i]?  The mind cannot Your vastness and eternal presence[ii].  As Your creation, I am limited in my ability to fathom all that is You[iii].  Isaiah was stunned when he experienced Your presence[iv], causing him to extol your greatness and glory throughout all his writings.

Man uses the aid of machines to help see into the tiniest of cells that You created, while You stamp Your image on the molecules that hold us together[v] as easily as You are able to soar the morning sky[vi].  You who exceed the boundaries of the universe call me by name[vii] in the morning hours to come sit with you in stillness[viii]. Who am I to sit in Your presence?  Yet I want to run into Your arms like a child, ride on the back of your wings and sing for joy in their shadow[ix]!

You, and You alone are God[x], the ONLY God, and I worship You.  You are my God, and no other[xi]!  You delight in those who delight in You, and You take joy in their presence[xii], as You created us for fellowship with You, even knowing that we would fall short and need Your redemption[xiii]. Your creation extols Your glory[xiv]!  Those who have eyes to see, see it and glorify Your name; and those who have ears to hear, hear the eternal song of praise and harmony, and contribute their rightful part.


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