How Great Your Love Is!

My Triune God,

You are my heart and my soul.  So magnificent!  If I were to turn You like a jewel in my hand, every direction is marvelous and unparalleled, highly prized and most precious!  Every facet is dazzling and different, each unique like a snowflake!  I could gaze for a lifetime and not even begin to see Your majesty unfold in its fullest.

You are HOLY!  What will I do the first time I stand before You without this veil of flesh between us?  Like Isaiah, fall on my knees and cry how undone I am!  My heart might fail within me!  But I long to run into Your arms, like a daughter to her daddy, like a bride to her husband and lover, like a friend overjoyed!

Who am I that You should take notice of me?  That You should wait these thousands of years for my soul to have the opportunity to know You?  Who am I, that you should count the hairs on my head, or ordain all my days and establish my footing?  Gladly will I seek to know you – every part of You, and continue to discover all the facets within facets!

I am amazed at the multi-dimensions of Your word, and how knowing ahead of time the choices I would make in this free will You have given me, have intertwined my path with the paths of those before me, those around me, and those yet to come.  All to weave a tapestry that reflects Your glory and majesty in us!  Great I AM, it is YOU I worship and chose to serve!  Gladly I surrender my life to Your loving care and comfort.  Then sings my soul, how great Your love is!  How great Your love is!

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