The Greatest Gift Ever Given

Before Jesus ever set time into motion, He knew the day would come when He would not only be born into this world, but that he would also die for it.  Knowing all of that, I have often wondered why He did it.  Why would the Father knowingly sacrifice His Son, and why would the Son knowingly put Himself through such incredibly deep pain, sorrow, and heartache?  Because of the one unstoppable force that is the sum of all the Trinity is, and that is LOVE.  For God so LOVED this world that He GAVE His only begotten Son.  Why?  So we could be forgiven, reconciled, and eternally restored. This is the greatest gift ever given!

What you say about this gift depends on how you hold Him in your heart.  Some may think nothing more of it as a convenient excuse for a holiday. Others, a time for family or friends to get together and spend money on one another, but perhaps without having any depth of understanding for the reality behind it.  Some, although they may have a great deal of fondness and memories of all Christmas entails, do not necessarily see the holiday as a holy day.  Some may recognize and acknowledge the significance of the greatest gift, but never unwrap it for themselves.  There are but a few who see this gift and recognize it for what it is.  With heads bowed in reverence, they seek to open daily the treasure that is The Gift, and would gladly give all to possess it.

“Earth’s crammed with Heaven, and every common bush afire with God; but only he who sees takes off his shoes.” -Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  May the wonder of all that is Christmas fill your hearts this advent season.  I leave you all with a song, the one song, sung by one of my favorite artists, I believe that sums up all that is advent: O Come, O Come Emanuel!

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