All of Me!

To be truly thankful for someone requires the ability to realize what your life would be missing without that person in it.

A popular Christian band called Tenth Avenue North sings a song titled “You Are”. Singing to the Lord, one phrase in the midst of the song states “I give you all of me for all You are!”

If that was you speaking that phrase to God, what would you be thinking? Some of you may think “Well, God’s getting quite a bargain, I have a lot to offer! I don’t come with empty hands, no sirree”! Some might think, “well, I give all that I am on Sundays, and I think that’s good enough. After all, I wouldn’t want to be known as a radical… HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS!” Others may be thinking “well, I’d like to give all of me but I just don’t have time. I have too many other things and responsibilities pulling at me, so I give what I can and when I can. God understands”!

Then there are those who, upon hearing these words, think to yourself “Wow. All I am is nothing, and all He is, well, is everything”. The revelation of it might hit your spirit so hard that you begin to cry. What could you possibly offer to Christ in return for all He has offered you, but nothing? And a few of you at this point will begin to realize the next step, that all you have, and all you ever hope to be, you will give out of love for Him. You will give your love, your passion, your devotion, your time, your resources, your finances, your everything. Then you will realize a lifetime of this devotional giving is still not enough, and an overwhelming sense of gratefulness will flood your soul.

That, my friends, is thankfulness.

Here’s the song if you would like to listen:

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