Nebuchadnezzar or Nero?

Friends and family, we live in troubled times! Reading your many political posts these past weeks and months confirms for me how easy it is for us all to get caught up in the weeds of what is taking place today within our culture and society. In critical moments that will determine the path of our nation, the enemy has successfully captivated our attention on the waves and storm and not the One who is walking on them! We are so caught up in diversity (both causing it and at the same time celebrating it) that we forget what it is like to walk in unity.

When we look through the lens of eternity, what becomes important then? I agree that neither candidate is an ideal choice, and both in many ways can be described by the things outlined within 2 Timothy 3:2-5 and Romans 1:18-32. It is as if we have a choice between Nebuchadnezzar and Nero. The difference is in the end, through the prayers, influence, example, and friendship of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar was humbled and turned to God.  Under Nero, Christians were persecuted in ways that resemble how ISIS is treating them today.

I challenge all of us to rise up from the weeds long enough to put our focus back onto Christ, pray for wisdom on how to use our vote, keeping not only the generations that follow us in mind but also how foundational changes will impact our allies. We will be held accountable for the decisions we make, and as Christians it is US who have the ability to pray down the Kingdom of Heaven – Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, ON EARTH as it is in Heaven. This is the one true Kingdom that never perishes! Pray for our leaders and humbly ask God to give you insight on who is the Nebuchadnezzar and who is the Nero. One thing is for certain, one will be voted into office come November, and it will determine the course of history for this nation.

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