White Picket Fences

Somewhere along the white picket fence, so many of us bought into the line that we were entitled to have an easy, pampered life. Whenever hardship comes along, we tend to believe it is isolated, and we will get back onto the yellow brick road soon enough. But the older we get and the more hardships and trials that occur, we begin to realize it is not true, and those who bought into the lieĀ feel that a “right” has been taken away.

It is a pivotal point when we discover that God never guarantees us an easy, pampered life, free of troubles. Just the opposite, He tells us not to be surprised when they come. Some of us through this process slowly begin to realize that inward peace and joy are not synonymous with ease & comfort. Could we have been confusing the two all along? Finally, if we allow it, it dawns on us that though we have trials, we can still have peace and joy in the midst; and through Christ, we can walk away victorious!

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