A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone,
As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States this Thursday, my sweet husband wrote a short prayer of thanksgiving I thought I would post for you all to enjoy as well.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving
November 26th, 2015
by Uwe Hoffmann

As we gather for Thanksgiving to give thanks for the many blessings we have received from God this year several things come to my mind. We gather to give thanks for God’s grace.

What is grace? Grace is receiving what we do not deserve. God has blessed us with whatever we have because it pleases Him; not because we were “good” but because we have chosen to follow Him. None of us are perfect but in Christ we are made perfect; through the sacrifice of his blood, that washed away our sin, we are shown mercy.

What is mercy? Mercy is not receiving what we deserve but instead having our sins forgiven and being grafted back into the family of God. When God created man he created Adam and Eve to fellowship with Him in nature, in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had to do nothing but enjoy the garden and fellowship with God. God made plants grow fruit and vegetables to sustain them. When they disobeyed God and learnt the difference between Good and Evil, they also learnt that cultivation of plants and gathering food was hard work. This applied to gathering nourishment to sustain their bodies and even more so if they wanted a garden for pure enjoyment and relaxation to use for meditation, prayer, and fellowship.

God created nature in all its breathtaking variety from vegetation and wildlife, to weather, oceans and landscape, as well as the wide expanses of the universe above. All proclaim His greatness and glory! We can only marvel at the wonders He created and the ease with which He works as He “…spoke the stars into existence.”

As we give thanks this Thanksgiving Day let us not just give thanks for our personal blessings and material things but let us remember that we worship the Creator of the universe. Let us give thanks for being created in His image to experience a personal relationship with Him, and the gifts of His grace and mercy that endure forever.

In Jesus name we pray!

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