Lord, I am thinking about how fast this year has gone by.  It is astounding!

Lord, I yield myself to you today.  All of me.  May I this moment and this day be wholly yours.  Spirit of God, be my voice, my thoughts, my actions.  May your glory be reflected here.  May I be pliable in your hands.  Nothing I desire apart from you is worthy of my time.  Help me to see and know what is in you, and what is not.

I submit my will to your will, so that my path is your path!  Teach me to ask you about everything!  Even when I am prompted to do or say or act by what I feel is you, may I not take a step without first asking you about that thing!  Help me to know when a thing is just for me, when it is for others, or maybe for others but not right away.

Lord, you didn’t end world hunger while you were here.  You didn’t eliminate poverty and need for everyone, but you did for some.  You said, the poor you will always have with you (Matthew 26:11), but to anyone who asked and was willing to receive, you gave. And we know from the story of Lazarus that you did not always act upon things immediately.  Through it all you obeyed the voice of the Father.  Help me, too, to act according to obedience.

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