Lord, I have read in books and heard in sermons by great and wonderful men that sometimes one can’t always feel your presence, and that to expect it, to pray, be disciplined, and diligent through it until that time of refreshing comes again.  That you purposefully hide yourself and want us to seek you.

Then I hear that you are always near, always speaking, always listening, ever present… and I am confused.  I would be sad if I ever had to go through a time when I did not feel your presence, as the latter has been my experience thus far!  I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel you there, or wonder where you were.  There were only times when I did not understand your will and perhaps because my focus was not you, did not see you properly (so you appeared hidden from view?).

I love you wholly!  It is you I worship! To you I give all my praise! Nothing in this world matters to me more.  I give you my life, my heart, my service.  I give you my time, my joys, my sorrows.  I give you all of me.  I surrender my will to your perfect will, and yield my devotions to you.  You are my God!  I love you now more than yesterday – more than all my yesterdays!  I cherish you.  I am created. for. you.

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