Lord, I bless your Holy Name, and worship you forever!  Center me, turn my focus on you.  Poets and song writers have long penned words eloquent to describe you.  I could take each one down through the centuries, string them together end to end, and speak them all aloud.  It would barely begin to describe your beauty! Not even a facet of who you are!  This is the God I worship!  This is the God I serve!

Lord, may your grace and love reign supreme in my heart.  Turn my gaze towards your beautiful face.  My heart is full!  The more I know you, the less important it becomes to me to have, to seek answers to my prayers or my needs.  All I need is you.  I only desire you.  Everything else feels secondary, or perhaps just a necessary part of my day while here on this earth.

I want to experience oneness with you, and the Father, and the Spirit, here, now, in this life.  Mental distractions are frustrating!  Renew my mind with your truth.  Let me know this mind of Christ now in me, due to my birth in your Kingdom.  Keep me humble, grounded in you, but not afraid to be bold in you at the same time.

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