Lord, I choose you!

Each day for the last few years, my husband often spends a portion of his morning catching up on all things political.  Sometimes he relates things to me that make me realize how truly evil things are in this world apart from you.  It makes me cringe, and want to crawl up in your arms and stay there.  I am forever happy to live in your reality instead!  I want to see what is going on in this world from your perspective, for I know you have orchestrated it all from before time began.  I take comfort in that.  You have chosen me to play a part in your Kingdom!  I hope I play it with eyes on you, and to the fullness of your glory!  May you shine through me.

I am sorrowful for all the times past in my life when I chose not to focus on you.  Help me to learn obedience, as you learned obedience (Hebrews 5:8), even if it means I have to suffer first.  I choose to see you!  I choose to hear and know your voice!  I choose to observe you and learn your ways, take interest in and love those things and people you love and are interested in.

What does obedience look like at the practical level I live each day?  What does obedience look like, for me, today?

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