Lord I Worship You!

Lord how I love Your ways! You are my most prized possession (I have You in my heart)! How majestic You are! How glorious are Your works!  Man is without excuse when he sees Your marvelous wonders. 

Jehovah Rophe, God You are my Healer.  You have healed my broken heart, took me in Your arms and loved me as I AM.  You heal my diseases and bind all my wounds.  You gave me a wonderful body that has miraculous abilities to respond to Your healing touch.  Because of You I know I can live victorious and whole!

Jehovah Jirah, Lord You are my Provider.  Everything I have comes from You.  The breath I breathe is given by You moment by moment. My skills, ability to reason and acquire knowledge and make use of it was given to me by You! Everything I have for provisions or comfort, You made sure I had those things even before You created me.  Salvation and redemption You provided!  The beauty of this earth and the love I share with others, ALL are through You and in You!

Jehovah M’Kaddesh, Lord, You are the one who sanctifies me.  You set me apart! Even the name given to me by my parents means “Consecrated One”!  How I love You for this, that You called me out and made me Your own.  I depend upon Your cleansing power all the days of my life, to perfect Your life in me!

Jehovah Shalom, God You are my peace! In times of trouble or distress, stressful situations, or when the waves begin to overwhelm me because my eyes are not on You, You fight for me!  You bring a calm to my soul that is utterly necessary and can only come from You.

Jehovah Rohi, God You are my Shepherd.  How wonderfully You lead me and comfort me!  How tender You are when I am by Your side.  How quick You are to bring me back when I stray, and to allow brokenness when necessary so I can be drawn near to You and be held close to Your heart. You are my Protector! The more I know You the quicker I recognize Your voice and am able to cling to You and flee all others.

Jehovah Shammah, You are there!  You are there for me when I need You, and even when I don’t feel like I need You. You are there around me, I feel Your presence.  I hear Your voice in the wind, the rain, through scripture, dreams, through others, within me.  I see Your beauty on this earth and in the heavens, the night sky.  You are an amazing God!  I see Your hand upon my circumstances and of those circumstances taking place in the world.  You are a God to be trusted! I live each day for You and You alone.  Where can I go from Your Spirit?  From the most tiny thing within to the very largest in the universe – it does not matter for You are there!  No one can separate me from You!

Jehovah Tsidkenu, the Lord my Righteousness, for I could never be righteous on my own.  How saddened I am that I have nothing to give.  How joyful I am that through You and because of You I can give You everything back that You have given me!  Only Your blood and righteousness allows this.  It is by Your righteousness I am allowed to stand before Father God, because when He sees me, He sees You.  You are an amazing, awesome God, and I thank You!

Jehovah Nissi, You are my banner and my standard!  You go before me in battle!  You are my strength and salvation, of whom shall I fear or be afraid?  You are my victory!  I march into battle with You over me.  You lift me up and set my feet on solid ground.  I will praise You all my days.  As long as I have breath, and forever in eternity. You reign!  Your banner over me is love!


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