A Bride So Pure

Originally written in 1996 (may have been 1997), updated August of 2014

Have you ever thought about why the bride wears a white on her wedding day? I know it has a lot to do with culture, as other cultures around the globe do not place any kind of emphasis on the white dress at all. So let’s look at our culture here in the United States. As a nation that has its foundations in Christianity, we have come to see the white dress as a symbol of purity.

So much have we come to see it as a symbol of purity that for many years we shamed women we considered not pure who dared to wear white. But IF this tradition is based on Christianity, then is it really up to the woman herself to be pure enough to wear white? What part of Christianity does this tradition get its roots? I dare say that would be the bride of Christ herself, don’t you agree? She will definitely be dressed in white on her wedding day!

But have you ever thought about WHY she gets to wear white? It doesn’t have anything to do with what SHE has done (or even not done). As a matter of fact, there have been times throughout history that she has been compared to a whore (ouch). So why then? Because of what CHRIST has done FOR her. Christ is the one who purifies His bride, and THAT my friends, is why she gets to wear white!

So next time you see a bride wearing white and your natural impulse is to snicker about her choice to wear that color, think about what (or who) makes you pure.


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